Iced Coffee with ExtractMoJo

With warmer weather finally here, I encourage you to try making Fresh-Brewed ICED Coffee. The method is far superior to ANY other method of making ICED Coffee, and I’ve tried them all.

ICED Coffee is a favorite summertime refresher. It’s easy to make Fresh-Brewed ICED coffee that accentuates the coffees’ natural sugars. Coffees you know and love hot are amazingly different cold, it’s a whole new experience I hope you’ll try. Once you taste fresh brewed ICED coffee that has been properly set up, you’ll never go back to your old method.

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Cafes and Coffee Houses will see an increase in summer coffee sales if they serve properly brewed ICED Coffee. The process is simple, and takes no more time than brewing hot coffee.

Basics of Process
Modeled after an ICED Coffee technique originally from Japan, coffee is brewed as a concentrate (3.6-4.0%) directly over ICE.  ExtractMoJo computes the amount of brew water, ground coffee and ICE required such that the final dilution is at the targeted concentration (about 1.8-2.0%), while simultaneously at 4 Deg C (just above freezing) to that the concentrate may be served immediately. The process takes 5-6 minutes, the same as brewing a standard batch of hot coffee.

Coffee concentrate is brewed directly over the specified amount of ICE, in an open top lemonade pitcher. The pitcher is covered immediately after brewing and stored in the fridge.

This example uses a FETCO CBS-2042e or CBS-2041e Brewer to make Fresh-Brewed ICED Coffee. The process is similar for other brewers.

Note the screen-shot, below. ExtractMoJo has been set up to brew a Half-Gallon (1.89 Liters, 64 oz weight), in the “Brew by Ground Coffee Amount” mode.  This is because we can set the MAX capacity of the brew basket, and MoJo computes everything else from there.  We happen to know that 9.4-oz is the MAX capacity of the FETCO 2040-series brew baskets.

Program and label a dedicated brew button on any FETCO 2040-Series brewer as follows:

Step       VALUE    Description/Notes
1.1            0.5-G  or 1.89-Liters. Be certain to calibrate the brewer to dose 64-oz of water
1.2            3.30   Pulse-Brew Time (+/- 0.30) depending of coffee grind and degree of roast
1.3            0        No Bypass (the ICE is serving as the Bypass water)
1.4            15      Pre-Infusion, set to 15% due to the amount of coffee needed for concentrate
1.5            0.40   Up to 0.50 may be needed if extraction % is low
1.6            1.00   End Drip Delay

Weigh out 42-ounces of ICE and then MARK the fill level on the pitcher using a label maker or indelible ink marker (i.e., a Sharpie). Simply fill to this line in future batches, there is no need to weigh the amount of ICE each time.

Grind 9.4-oz of coffee and brew directly over the ICE.  At the end of the brewing cycle virtually all of the ICE will be melted.  Stir, cover and serve.

To serve, pour at a ratio of 1:1 over ICE.
Example, 8-oz of concentrate over 8-oz of ICE, or 10-oz concentrate over 10-oz of ICE, etc.

Coffees recommended for ICED include high elevation grown coffees (for their relatively higher sugar content), such as Colombian and Kenyan, as well as coffees with floral notes, such as those from Panama and Ethiopia.

– Set Extraction Yield for 19% to emphasize the natural sugars, and avoid over-extraction.

– ExtractMoJo computes the total Yield, 89-oz, which will provide eleven 16-oz servings. Sold at $2.69ea, cafes can compute gross margin at approx 80% or better, depending on coffee cost per pound.

– For other batch sizes, simply enter the MAX ground coffee capacity of the brew basket, and ExtractMoJo computes the remaining values required.

ExtractMoJo users are welcome eMail me with any questions about this protocol:

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