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What’s New in ExtractMojo 2.0™ - VST

What’s New in ExtractMojo 2.0™

Second License KEY
•    Install on up to two (2) computers.

Updated Universal Brewing Control Charts™
Custom Regions of Interest for Charting Preferences in Coffee & Espresso (define your own custom region)
Multiple Point Plots in Coffee and Espresso Modes
Compatible with MoJoToGo™ for iPhone®
eMail ExtractMoJo recipes and measurements to MoJoToGo™
Integrated TDS Calculator
Use a single refractometer for both Coffee and Espresso

2 Responses to “What’s New in ExtractMojo 2.0™”

  1. Jonathan Wadham says:

    Following the success at the SCAA show do you think it will be long before an Android version is available?


  2. Paul Allen says:

    I would use it fully with an android version

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