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MoJoMentions- VST


We are happy to note the level of online discourse regarding all things Mojo related is gathering a head of steam. We’re getting a lot of really positive feedback from new MoJo adopters around the globe.

Following on from David Walsh, James Hoffmann and Andy Schecter’s early reports, MoJoToGo has made its debut appearances on Sprudge (here and here), has been further debated on Portafilter.net courtesy of Nick Cho, and Mike White has been charting his progress over on ShotZombies (here and here). [edit - also Glenn has been reporting his experiments on the 5M Coffee blog]

We love reading and hearing about these kind of reports, the findings and even the questions raised. If you have your own MoJo experience to share please comment below, or if we’ve missed any blogs let us know.


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