MoJoToGo Early Reviews just in…..


iTunes APP Store Review

Convenient and useful ★★★★★ by Sweetmarias

Impressed with the interface and ease of use. This is going to be great for traveling. No longer need to haul a little netbook PC around. Great! Thompson Owen

more to follow…

3 Responses to “MoJoToGo Early Reviews just in…..”

  1. Matt says:

    MoJoToGo works perfectly on my iPod Touch. I have been experimenting with both the water and coffee modes for some time now. The water mode allows me to test the accuracy of my refractometer – something I do after each calibration and before each reading – and gives me peace of mind when so many variables are in play. The coffee mode is a breeze to use and allows me to quickly “tune in” correct coffee/water ratios. It is perfect for when I don’t want to drag around a laptop. Convenience without compromising accuracy. Thank you, Vince, for an excellent App.

    • Vince says:

      Thanks Matt! Appreciate the feedback, it’s exactly the reason we developed it. I already had the iPhone for other APPs, and the refractometer was portable, so it seemed a natural. The small scale is a nice compliment, and it’s accurate too. Makes it all a lot easier to use….Vince

  2. mathew says:

    Android version please!