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Filter Basket Press- VST

Filter Basket Press

It’s been a very busy few weeks in SCAA Houston. Happily we are delighted to see our new filter baskets making it out around the world, and getting a hugely positive response.

The first place to start is probably in Barista Magazine (starting on page 74). If you want to learn about the theory and research behind the baskets this is where to go.

Mark Prince, CoffeeGeek, asks Can These Filters Change The World Of Espresso?

James Hoffman shares his experiences, and goes into significant detail here.

Tim Wendelboe announces a new Espsresso Blend and shares his espresso videos and VST Filter recommendations here.

Mike White says “You can continue using the same espresso baskets you’ve always used, or you can finally get some good ones.” We like that.

Dan Yee shares a lot of very nice shots of his set of baskets via flickr.

RM from Ministry Grounds near Sydney Australia shares comments and photos on their excellent blog.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, from regional and world champion baristas, top cafes and specialty roasters from around the world and individual enthusiasts alike. Looking forward to hearing more reports as the new VST Precision Filter Baskets continue to make it out to new users! Below we’ve posted a few short messages, eMails and tweets.



We have been using these for months. All I can say is GET THEM!–Tim Wendelboe 5 May 2011   WBC World Champion 2004, Nordic Roaster 2008, 2009, 2010  Tim Wendelboe Coffee OSLO

I’ve had great results with the VST baskets with a fair range (17-19g in the 17g and 19-22g in the 21g). I’m generally keeping the brew ratio the same (brew weight is approx 1.5 that of dose). Brew time is usually 27-29s, using a normal 9 bar profile with flow restricted preinfusion.  Grinding finer than other baskets which generally helps up the extraction yield to high levels of tastiness when dealing with shots that short.–James Hoffmann WBC World Champion 2007, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, LONDON  08 May, 2011

….We’ve done some basic testing of the new VST Precision Filters side by side with Synesso baskets. …. blind tasting has always put the VST ones with the comments, “More clarity of flavours, a lot more even pour and a really even coloured, efficient extraction.”  Flavours are less muddied and more definitive … Exact same doses, exact same brew time. They’re also cleaning really well. So initial impressions are obviously positive. We do not plan to change our filters back over to the Synesso ones, the VST are here to stay.–Daniel Yee, 11 May, 2011   AIR Roasters, Castle Hill, NSW Australia

I’ve been using the VST Precision Filter baskets and they seem to be paradigm shifting our extraction protocols. It seems to me that you can pull a ‘decent’ well balanced shot at a wide range of grind sizes. We’re using a Robur E and have decided to deploy them with our strada EP today. We intend to roll out the baskets to our other outlets, and after that we’re going to recommend our trade customers switch to the new VST precision filters (hence my additional purchase)–Keith Loh Singapore National Barista Champion

We’ve done some blind taste tests here.……three seasoned local baristas and two consumers over three testing sessions. It was a lock for the VST baskets and a serious eye-opener on how important the filter basket is to the brewing process…….And the taste? In a word: improved. In two words: major improvement. In another two words: consistently improved.–Mark Prince 29 April, 2011 Vancouver BC    CoffeeGeek.com

The VST baskets have a feel and look of superior quality, far better than any other baskets I have ever seen (and I do have other microfine machined baskets).  … For my morning’s shots I did notice that they tended to build flow VERY uniformly across the face and also that they ran longer without blonding.  … Also, pucks knocked out very easily, cleanly, and whole. …. for the moment I will say that my initial impression is quite positive.  After just a few days with the new baskets I feel like my shots are overall fuller and rounder with smoother edges (i.e. reduced “edginess”).–Jon Rosenthal 13-16 May, 2011 Houston, TX   CoffeeGeek.com

The company I work for just received your baskets and after only a few days of making espresso with them I am thoroughly impressed: Better mouth feel, more gradual blonding, higher quality acidity, and more balanced shots.–Benjamin Put

Bought this based on a review at CoffeeGeek.com. Thought that expecting a big difference was a little far fetched; boy was I wrong. This wonderful little basket makes a huge difference. Decided I needed to order the triple basket as well :-)Telly Stroumbis

The [VST Precision Filter] baskets are wonderful. They make my life easier as they aren’t as picky making my efforts less important and giving me more consistency. Using with a LM GS/3.–Dave Howe

15 Responses to “Filter Basket Press”

  1. Gery Bastiani says:

    I have a Gaggia Baby which uses 58mm baskets. Will your new designs fit into the holder on the Gaggia. Thanks for your time.

  2. yves says:

    Yes these basket fit any 58mm basket size, that includes Gaggia, Rancillo and any E61 group.

  3. yves says:

    look at my post below…

  4. Randy says:

    Was it foolish of me to think that I can get a similar product from the 15g VST basket when compared to the standard LM double basket? Also, Has anyone had any issues with pairing these baskets with Anfim grinders (ie., step adjustment issues)?
    I bought 3 of them for my coffee shop hoping to make the switch to lower dosing baskets while still having a similar flavor profile. I can’t get any consistency with my Anfim, but can get consistency with my Super Jolly. I have a relatively high volume coffee shop. We care very much about quality and taste. We must be able to get drinks out very quickly while maintaining that quality. Any Ideas?

    • Dose matters, perhaps more so with the VST baskets. I’ve been using the 18g VST and think it’s a good dose for a single drink. The 22g could be useful if you have spouts on your portafilter, although if you have spouts it may not fit, depending on how deep your portafilter is.

      When i want a longer shot, i reach for the 22g VST.

  5. Susan says:

    Any chance these marvelous baskets will be produced in a 53mm size for my La Spaziale ? Seems unfair not so ;-)

  6. Great to see so many positive write-ups on the VST baskets. I’ve also posted a few thoughts on why anyone should try them, to my blog:


  7. Vicki Parrish says:

    I bought the 18 gr and the 22 gr baskets but only the 18 gr would fit in my Expobar bottomless portafilter so I bought a Marzocco portafilter. Unfortunately the Marzocco portafilter doesn’t fit my Expobar
    Office Control. Anyone else have this experience and what did you do about it?

  8. Rex says:

    Vicki, a suggestion would be to sell the expobar

  9. David J. Clarke says:

    I’ve checked the pages here as well as most of the referenced links, but not seen anything explicitly referring to the Rancilio Silvia. Any readers have experience / success with it?

    • Ian Payne says:

      Hi David,
      Just got the 18m for use with my Silvia, and it fits both the standard and bottomless Rancilio portafilters perfectly. Had some of my best shots in ages from this setup. No regrets here!Reg Barber 58m tamper a good fit too.

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