New VST Refractometers for Coffee, Espresso, et al…..

VST announced today a series of general purpose laboratory and application specific refractometers on its new web site:     When paired with one of the several VST APPs, also announced today, users may now use a single refractometer for multiple applications, including but not limited to coffee, espresso, sucrose, glucose, fructose, saline, HFCS, and many other solutions. The applications greatly extend the utility of a simple refractometer, as can be seen here.

VST has also announced today five new APPs for the iPhone®, three of them for Coffee and Espresso, called MoJoToGo™ including a free utility to test and calibrate any refractometer, available here:

VST also announced ExtractMoJo™ v2.0, its’ popular Coffee and Espresso analytical application for Windows (including Mac OS X). ExtractMoJo™ is compatible with MoJoToGo™ for the iPhone®, and includes many new features, including the ability to use a single refractometer for both coffee and espresso, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. Read more…..

Refractometers measure refractive index and temperature at a specific wavelength of light. Many refractometers include a “native” scale that reports nD and temperature, the fundamental measurement mode of any refractometer.  Using MoJoToGo and application specific  scales developed by VST and available form the APPs store, users may now employ dozens or even hundreds of applications using a single refractometer, without the need to purchase multiple instruments. Because the application specific scales can be added, improved, updated and extended, all that is needed is a single instrument of the requisite accuracy and a scale from the APPs store.

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