VST inc has announced a series of new Coffee and Espresso products for the iPhone® iPod® and iPad®.

About MoJoToGo™
MoJoToGo™ includes comprehensive Coffee and Espresso APPs for the professional barista and specialty roaster as well as other beverage industry applications. MoJoToGo™ puts the Science of Coffee in the palm of your Hand. MoJoToGo™ will be available on the Apple iTunes APP Store April 1st. Read more

About VST
VST inc acquired the ExtractMoJo™ series of products in March, and will be enhancing, supporting and updating the products on its new web site, www.mojotogo.us  Read more

ExtractMoJo™ won Best New Product at the SCAA Exposition in 2009
ExtractMoJo has been selected by the SCAA and SCAE for use in Training and Education for the Gold Cup and Brewmasters Programs.

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