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MoJoToGo v1.0.4 – What’s New- VST

MoJoToGo v1.0.4 – What’s New

For those not subscribed to VST’s Newsletters, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING NEW FEATURES in MoJoToGo

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New Coffee Features:

- Design Coffee by Beverage Size
(Double-Tap to toggle mode from Brew Water to Beverage amount)
- Full conversions in all units
- Wireless Import/Export for database & backup from csv files
- Water Loss Preference
- Additional TDS Range
- Remember last used Grinder Setting

New Espresso Features:
- Remember last used Grinder Setting, Pressure and Shot Temp

- Corrected iPad slider controls
- TDS markers and range tracking
- Improvements to user interface
- Corrected minor bugs

MoJoToGo™ for iPhone® launched on April 1st on the Apple iTunes APPs Store
Use MoJoToGo™ to meet internationally accepted Gold Cup standards
Save, share recipes/measurements with friends via eMail using CONTACTs
Fully integrated with MAPs & location services using GeoTags
MoJoToGo™ works with both Coffee and Espresso using either VST Coffee or VST Espresso refractometer
Compatible with ExtractMoJo™, import recipes to MoJoToGo™
Compatible with Reichert COFFEE and/or ESPRESSO Refractometers

Sample New MoJoToGo™ Features

Brew by Beverage Size

Example: Single Serve 12 fl-oz Beverage Size

Select 12 fl-oz Finished Beverage Size           Portions for 12 fl-oz converted to Metric Weights

Perfect for setting portions on:
Marco Uber, Bunn Trifecta, Chemex, Hario v60, French Press, Abid, Vac-Pot or any other single-serve or pour-over method

Example: Import/Export & Share MoJoToGo Coffee and Espresso Data

2 Responses to “MoJoToGo v1.0.4 – What’s New”

  1. Simon Johnson says:

    Can anyone explain the terms ‘brew water size’ and ‘beverage size’?

    In addition, what is the 15 vs 93 temp setting all about?


    • Vince says:

      Brew Water is the batch size, as programmed on the commercial brewer or as measured in the amount of TAP water to be used for brewing. Beverage amount is the final net coffee beverage yield, which is always less than the starting brew water amount. When the Brew Water is measured in units of volume (gallons, fl-oz, Liters, ml) you must specify the temperature at which the brew water was measured. MoJo then computes the weight. In the case of Metric units, for example, 2-Liters at 94 Deg C weighs 1925 grams, but at TAP temps, 2-L = 1999.5 grams. In English units, 3-Gallons weighs 400 oz at TAP temps, while at Brew TEMPs it weighs about a pound less (385 oz). MoJo adjusts the specified ground Coffee Weight to keep the brew formula constant. You might experience these changes when moving from a Commercial Brewer that stores water at 201 Deg F (93.5 Deg C) to home brewers using TAP water at 55 Deg F (~15 Deg C). MoJo also converts form any units of volume or weight, English or Metric units on the fly.